Choose your favourite performer, the location you prefer and let us do all the rest.

The organization of a production is a long and hard job, harder than the creation of the contents. That is why you need time, you need to know different languages, arrange deals and compromises. You have to know how to move people and thoughts from one city to another or, often from one country to another. Let us to do this job and focus on you contents.

We fluently speak Italian, Czech, Russian and English. Our database of models is growing constantly. We are always looking for new talents for our customers, doing scouting on the territory and "importing" an average of 4 new models every month.

We are able to support you for what is about the following:

  1. Male and female performers
  2. Background actors
  3. Locations
  4. Logistic support (plane tickets, accommodations, hotels, catering)
  5. Rent of photo/video equipment
  6. Dresses and clothes
  7. Makeup artists
  8. Cameramen and/or photographers
  9. Assistant on stage
  10. Executive producer "on stage"
  11. Translators "on stage"

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