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We decide to move on a different way on 2018, we are interest in 2 kind of models:

Exclusive Models (girls):

The conditions for exclusive models change from candidate to candidate, in general we subscribe an agreement where we guarantee the minimim amount of money the performer will be able to gain in 12 months. The guarantee profit can change from $25,000.00 to $50,000,00 in accord to the potential of the model. We subscibe the exclusive agreement only with models with at most 3 month experience in the industry. It you are a new models and you are interest to join the industry with The White Models feel free to contact us HERE. We handle up to 15 exclusive models, not more.

All other models (girls):

We decide to open our website to every active model. The Online Registrestion Form allows you to create a profile inside our website, FOR FREE. You will be able to login into your control panel and you can promote yourself directly to dozen of producers worldwide. You can promote your own tour in another country directly without to spend precious time looking for producers/director, but with a simple click in your control panel be sure we list 90% of all reliable european producers/director. You can upload as much picture as you want and you can setup the list of the act you are up to performer. Our team will handle your bookings free of charge and we will also handle all the price negotiation according to your will and our experience. We have also additional tools for increase the power of the promotion. You have to pay for be able to use the additional tools, but the cost is very low and the result is priceless. For example you can promote your twitter account on our over 90.000 (real) followers network in different way or you can "pin" you profile in the model list of one or more producer expressing your direct interest to perform on his movies. All the information are inside your control panel, just resister your account HERE

For any information you can send a message HERE or call/text us at the number +420 778 084 743 (also whatsup/viber). We speak English, Czech, Russian and eventually Italian

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