Terms and Conditions

  • White Modeling s.r.o. is a legal model agency seated in Prague incorporated according to law of Czech Republic (hereinafter only as „WM“). WM ensures professionalism and dignified access to its partners;


  • WM provides booking services for performers who are older than 18 years old, and who proved a recent level of reliability;


  • Unless otherwise written agreements, the general fee (commision) for the services of WM is in the amount of 20% of any services provided. The producers and other partners are also obliged by starting the cooperation with WM to compensate all the secondary expenses of WM for providing concluded services/performers, while this compensation will be increased by 20% from the compensation of secondary expenses;


  • Occasionally, the general fee of WM may be increased up to 30% in the case of involving other agency in the management/cooperation of/with the performers/location providing by WM. WM takes care to inform you previously about that.


  • Unless otherwise written agreements, WM refuses each kind of responsability or liability for damages, which may be caused by its performers. WM especially doesn´t assume any and all responsability or liability for damages, which may arise from the late arrival of its performer to intended location or from other similar acting by its performer;


  • In the case that WM ensures cooperation with foreigner performers, who works with different producers, the travel expensies for traveling to the city where the productions are located will be shared between the producers in proportion to the provided job.


  • Starting cooperation with WM means especially booking performer only through WM. In the case the producer or other partner will contact the performer directly for convenience or because the performer has interrupted the legal relation to WM, the agency fee (commision) to WM must still be paid according to the initial deal;


  • WM reserves the right to issue an invoice for its services at least 1 time / week. The invoice must be paid no later than 5 working days from the date of issue. WM is VAT payer, so if your company/entity seats in Czech republic, the invoice will be increased by 21% VAT;


  • Any and all disputes must be solved amicably. In the case that parties will not solve a dispute by the deal, the relevant jurisdiction for sue the other is Czech Republic, while locally relevant court is District court of Prague 5. All disputes will be judged by czech law.

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