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"Time is changed in modeling and it is time for any model agency to face the true: 20% agency fee on a model "hooked" online is a price the producer does not deserve to pay. On the other hand 20% seams right when the agency was responsable for adding a performer to the industry"
Giorgio Grandi, Co-funder The White Models

From January the 1st, 2018, The White Models will erase the 20% agency fee on all the models that are not Exclusive or where her career has not been strongly influenced by our work. We are opening the website to any models that has interest to get our services and you are free to book her without to pay any agency fee, but paying only €25.00 "Call Fee" for each day of work you provide (no matter how much is the payout of the girl, you every time pay €25.00).

We strongly belive that many girls are undervalued and underbooked because the way the modeling business is handled nowaday penalize the girls in general, but specially penalize the girls that are not handle from one agency only. In fact competition between agency penalize the models that are listed in more then one agency as no one of any of the agency where the girl is listed is really promoting her except to send a mailing list and post 1-2 twitts to a limitate list of producers. On the other hand the agency gets unjustified high profit when the model get booked as the agency does not do anything then connect model and producer. The role of the agency is to do the interest of the model and promote her not only to a short list of producers, and this is very different then simply provide a shooting or a booking.

This is why with The White Models, any model will be able to make a good promotion herself, just using our tools... you will just have to book her!

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